Tea Set

Blue, almost purple rounded cups.   Memories of a father 21 to dust.   Four, handle-less cups split revine, no bust to trust no life to see.   I've lived too long ate the ground simply trying to please.   The Father despises what my father decided am I too, doomed as He?   The … Continue reading Tea Set


Afraid of Me

I am afraid of a lot of things, though that does not mean it is a unanimous feeling within my being.  When one is frightened another part comes striding in. A voice, like the scent of rain coming in the distance. Just a hint, not strong, focus needs attention. I am also afraid of what … Continue reading Afraid of Me


When nature frames the scene for you adding accent, accidentally on purpose. There's no burden too grand for nature nature is the chapel Universal energy, my religion. Beauty in everything, as all are beautiful be-ings.


The key to bullies, shootings and such how we each are accepting of new things in life. Outside pressure forcing our souls to grow but if kept with no leash deterioration owns. Be aware of your thought process if unkindness enters combat with kindness. Always have ready, a motto for peace.   Froward thoughts bleed … Continue reading BE